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Established in 1986, we are one of the leading securities and futures brokerage firms in Singapore providing full brokerage services for securities, derivatives and leveraged foreign exchange trading.

We service customers ranging from retail to institutions with a suite of products to choose from. Our Institution Desk is a key player in the area of inbound SGX-ST high-flow orders via Electronic Desk Access and Direct Market Access (DMA). We operate on a multi-market platform with direct connection to various markets in one single account.

We provide a robust electronic platform for you to execute trades both locally and globally in listed products, futures and foreign exchange contracts in the most efficient way using technology and our extensive network of connectivity.



OCBC Securities is a member of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) and the Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited (SGX-DT) with more than 20 years in the business.

Visionary leader

We have an efficient trading infrastructure that benefits your trades in both local and global markets. We provide the widest network of securities exchanges via DMA to capture opportunities quickly.


We offer reliable, secure trading services. We protect online trading activity by deploying end-to-end encryption system and also custodise your foreign shares with a renowned global service provider for added security.


We are proactive and intuitive towards your needs. We also strive to constantly provide you with innovative tools and solutions such as the iOCBC TradeMobile and quality priced loans.

Global markets

We provide global market access to more than 15 securities exchanges.


We bring you access to research and analysis materials to ensure that you are always at an advantage.

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