iOCBCfxpro Trading Platform

The reliable leveraged FX
trading partner
for professional traders

Pro account provides access to iOCBCfxpro for leveraged forex and spot gold trading,
which is ideal for corporations and professional traders with high forex trade volume.

The platform offers a good selection of currency pairs with deep liquidity
and comprehensive technical tools for the professionals to take control of
their trading in the global, dynamic and fast-paced forex market place.

iOCBCfxpro is a browser-based platform that does not require installation. It allows
the professional trader to capture market opportunities anytime, anywhere.

We offer more than 35 currency pairs and precious metals. View full list of pairs

Contract size: 10,000 units onwards

Leverage: up to 35* times for selected currency pairs, based on initial margin of 2.8%

Commission charges: 1 pip per 10,000 per side

Minimum initial deposit required: US$30,000

*Margin requirements are reviewed from time to time.


Trade confidently with a reliable partner
We are well-established with 30 years in the business, and a member of SGX-ST as well as SGX-DT. Your funds are secured in Customer's Segregated Funds in OCBC Bank for peace of mind.

Trade based on real-time live quotes with absolute price transparency and execute trades with just 1 click.

Competitive Spreads
Tight bid//offer spreads onwards for major currency pairs under normal market conditions and fractional-pip pricing.

Maximum leverage levels of up to 35 times
Leverage levels from initial margin of 2.8% and above (on base currency).

*Margin requirements subjected to review from time to time.

Analyse price data with 79 technical analysis tools and 24 line studies
Identify repeated patterns and trends that could help you capture greater market opportunities.

Manage your trades easily

Access your real-time account information such as account equity, positions, orders status, trades history and profit and loss through iOCBCfx, a FX trading engine powered by Currenex.

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