Pay just 2.68% interest on your bond financing loan

This promotion is valid till 31 December 2020


Enjoy a low  interest rate of 2.68% on your 
                                     bond financing loan.

Enjoy a low interest rate of 2.68% when:

    1. we finance your purchase of marginable bonds through your Share Financing account; and/or
    2. if you take a loan pledged against marginable bonds so you can trade using your Share Financing account. 

    Please take note that your bond financing loan amount entitled to the 2.68% interest rate cannot exceed the notional value of the marginable bonds (which are bonds that we accept to maximise your purchasing power).

    For a full list of the marginable bonds applicable for the promotion and some FAQs, click here. Or get the full Terms and Conditions of this promotion by clicking here

    For more information about bond financing, please click here or contact your Trading Representative.

    So what are you waiting for? Start trading bonds now!