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List of exchanges we provide access to and their connectivity

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Country Exchange Online DMA Offline
Australia Australia Securities Exchange (ASX)
Canada Canadian Securities Exchange    
Finland NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange    
France NYSE Euronet (NYX)    
Germany Deutsche Börse AG    
Greece Athens Stock Exchange    
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
Ireland Irish Stock Exchange (ISE)
Japan Japan Exchange Group (JPX)  
Korea Korea Stock Exchange (KRX)    
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia
Netherlands NYSE Euronet    
New Zealand New Zealand Exchange (NZX)    
Norway Oslo Børs Euronex    
Philippines Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)  
Portugal NYSE Euronext    
Shanghai A Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)
Shanghai B Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)  
Shenzhen A Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)    
Shenzhen B Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)  
Singapore Singapore Exchange (SGX)
Spain Bolsa de Madrid    
Sweden NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange    
Switzerland SIX Swiss Exchange    
Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange    
Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)  
United Kingdom London Stock Exchange (LSE)
USA New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

National Association of Securities Dealers

Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq)

American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

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