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Trading Reports

Usually privy only to our active traders, our Trading Matters reports will be available to all for a limited period of time. Get a glimpse of these exclusive reports below!

When there are key events happening in Singapore and around the world that may impact the markets significantly, we will highlight it to you and give you the low-down on all the essential details you need to know on the matter, all in a short and succinct report.

The Future is Electric: powering EV through trading

The Future is Electric: powering EV through trading

The increasing adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) can be felt all around Singapore and globally. As leaders around the world engage in a green race, the future is electric. In this article, we explore the different industries that play a part in the Electric Vehicles construct and its growth levers.

Commodities: The dawn of a new supercycle?

01 Jun 2021 | News Focus

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Semiconductors: The driving force of technology

05 Apr 2021 | News Focus

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Rising bond yields: What's the big deal for stocks?

03 Mar 2021 | News Focus

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Lunar New Year: Has anything changed this year?

04 Feb 2021 | News Focus

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New COVID-19 variants: Same same but different?

08 Jan 2021 | News Focus

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Santa Claus Rally: Is this a real phenomenon?

03 Dec 2020 | News Focus

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It can be very time-consuming to delve deep into a stock and keep track of both its technical and fundamental changes. Our Stock Highlight reports gather some of the key information you may need on a stock so you can save time on searching.

CrowdStrike: 400% earnings growth in Q1 FY2022

16 Jun 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Microsoft: Teasing next generation of Windows ahead of launch event

15 Jun 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Bank of America: Share price highest since 2008

08 Jun 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Geely Auto: Unveiling first electric vehicle with Baidu next year

08 Jun 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Riot Blockchain: 881% increase in Q1 2021 bitcoin mining revenue

03 Jun 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Weimob Inc: Raising US$600 million through new shares and bonds

03 Jun 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Coinbase: Share price dropped amidst bitcoin plunge

01 Jun 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Ping An Insurance: Stock falls after Founder Group restructuring news

20 May 2021 | Stock Highlights

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AIA: Share price within 10% of 52 weeks high

20 May 2021 | Stock Highlights

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Find out what are the top 5 stocks traded by our customers each month. This report also includes curated insights on each popular stock, succinctly summarised so everything will be available at one glance.

Month of May

04 Jun 2021 | Top 5 traded stocks

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Trading Flows reports aim to give you a sense of where markets are heading so you save time on reading long reports while crunching numbers. This includes summarised price movements of key index component stocks, and how they have responded to major world developments.

Performance of Hong Kong Market

29 Jan 2021 | Hong Kong

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Performance of Singapore Market

29 Jan 2021 | Singapore

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Improve cash flow flexibility with Share Financing

Improve cash flow flexibility with Share Financing

Trading in the stock market is all about seizing opportunities and striking while the iron is hot. But what if your funds are tied up in other investments? This is where OCBC Securities Share Financing comes in. Explore how share financing can instantly unlock the value of your existing share portfolio to provide greater cash flow flexibility and share buying power.


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