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Using iOCBC platform - Disclaimer and requirements

  • Accessing iOCBC via secured office environment

    The access to iOCBC server may be blocked by your company’s network system (firewall). You may wish to approach your network administrator for assistance.
  • iOCBC Online Trading system requirements

    To ensure optimal performance of the trading platform, you are strongly recommended to have the following system configurations:


    • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.6 GHZ
    • 2GB RAM
    • 1GB hard disk space
    • Broadband Internet Connection


    • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 / Mac OS Sierra (10.12.X) to Mac OS Mojave (10.14.X)
    • Microsoft IE version 11
    • Mozilla Firefox 27 or above
    • Chrome 30 or above
    • Safari 12 or above
    • 1280 x 1024 screen resolution
    • TLS 1.2

    We are currently working on compatibility with the latest Microsoft Edge versions.

    Java Updates to access iOCBC Charts

    If you encounter an error message while accessing the iOCBC charting features on iOCBC online trading platform, you are required to update your computer with the latest Java software ( This applies to both Mac and Windows users.

    Please scroll down for the step-by-step guide on how to update the Java on both Windows and Mac computers.

    For Windows users:

    1. Encounter Charting Error
    2. Remove all versions of Java in your computer
    3. Go to Java website ( to download the latest Java
    4. Install Java and re-launch browser

    For Mac 10.7.X (Lion) / Mac10.8.X (Mountain Lion) / Mac10.9.X (Mavericks) users:

    1. Encounter Charting Error
    2. Go to Java website ( to download the latest Java
    3. Install Java and re-launch browser
    4. Click on ‘Don’t Block’ to allow Java application to run
    5. Under Safari Option, go to Preferences, Select Advance Tab
    6. Uncheck the box under ‘Internet Plug-in: Stop plug-ins to save power’

    You may also refer to the following youtube guides for the various browsers:

    Installation guide for Internet Explorer

    Installation guide for Mozilla Firefox

    Installation Guide for Google Chrome

    The scaled-down charts can still be viewed on iOCBC TradeMobile.

    For further assistance, please call us at 1800 338 8688 / (65) 6338 8688.

    Last Updated: 05 Sep 2016

    For IE browsers with compatibility mode on or older IE browsers such as IE9, you are encouraged to amend your Java settings.

    Please scroll down for the step-by-step guide on how to amend the Java settings in Windows computers.

    1. Find Java Control Panel

    For Windows 10 users:

    1. Right-click on the Start button and select the Control Panel option
    2. In Windows Control Panel, click on Programs
    3. Click on Java icon to open the Java Control Panel

    For Windows 8 users:

    1. Press Windows logo key + W buttons to open the Search charm to search OR Drag the Mouse pointer to the bottom-right corner of the screen, then click on the Search icon
    2. In the search box enter Java Control Panel
    3. Click on Java icon to open the Java Control Panel

    For Windows 7 users:

    1. Click on the Start button and select the Control Panel option
    2. In Control Panel Search, enter Java Control Panel
    3. Click on Java icon to open the Java Control Panel
    4. Click Security and tick Enable Java content in the browser
    5. Click Edit Site List to add to the Exception Site List 
    6. Click Apply to save the changes
  • iOCBC OneTouch Terms and Conditions

  • iOCBC OneLook Terms and Conditions

  • Security on iOCBC

    At OCBC Securities Private Limited ( “OSPL”), we are committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of your personal information so as to provide you with a safe and secure online environment.Our website uses commercially proven security hardware and software products. These security products include routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and secure operating system to safeguard your interest.

    Industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication protocol is the de facto cryptographic standard that we use for securing data communication between the browser and our website. Digital certificate technology is used to ensure transaction Privacy, message integrity and server-side authentication. This also serves as an assurance that the website runs legitimately under the care of OCBC Securities.

    All connections must pass through at least one router and one firewall to gain access to  the server. The firewall checks for the appropriate source address and restricts unauthorised access to the appropriate server.

    Additional technical security features include Verisign digital certificates, 128-bit encryption, one-way hashing of all user passwords and automatic logoff after a certain period (currently 2 hours).

    OCBC Securities' Online Trading is regularly reviewed and audited by external and internal auditors to ensure that your interest is safeguarded. 

    Apart from the security measures put in place by OCBC Securities, you play an equally important role in ensuring your online security and account information is not compromised.

    You should adopt the following recommended practices in protecting the security of your system:

    • Do not share your user ID or password with anyone.

    • Do not display your account information in a manner that is visible to others and your PC should never be left unattended. For your protection, OCBC Securities  Trading will automatically terminate your session if there is no activity for a period of time.

    • Always use the recommended browser. All browsers and application software should be upgraded to support SSL 128-bit encryption.

    • Always check that our website address changes from http:// to https:// and a security icon, usually in the form of a lock or key, appears when authentication and encryption is expected.