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17 September 2020

Webinar: Understanding the Language of Investing

  • Learn to analyse a company by deciphering its annual reports, financial statements, return on assets and return on equity
  • Find out different valuation methodologies available including Price to Earnings model, Price to Book model, Enterprise Value model and Discounted Cashflow model
  • Learn to conduct a simple valuation on a company to derive its fair value estimate
  • Use of short case examples and real life illustrations to reinforce the learning concepts and outcomes

15 October 2020

Webinar: Easy-to-Apply Investment Strategies without Complicated Analysis

  • Find out more about well-practised simple investment strategies such as Regular Investing and Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Learn to apply these strategies on common instruments such as ETFs, REITs and blue chip stocks
  • Use of back-testing to demonstrate their effectiveness and to assess the suitability of each strategy for different kind of traders
  • Develop a systematic process to identify stocks that may have the potential to become Growth Stocks

18 November 2020

Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting

  • Understand Technical Analysis and its essential tools for chart analysis
  • Identify market phases, apply the relevant technical tools and analyse the chart effectively
  • Learn to forecast market indexes and individual stocks using Technical Analysis
  • Use of short case examples and real life illustrations to reinforce the learning concepts and outcomes

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