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SRS Trades

Utilising SRS funds

You need to open an SRS account  in order to trade in SGX with your SRS funds.

SRS trades are only applicable for your Cash Trading Account, are not applicable for Share Financing and Share Borrowing Accounts.

All securities listed on SGX, except ADRs, are tradable under the SRS scheme and will only be settled in SGD.

To utilise SRS funds in iOCBC,

a)     Provide us with your SRS account number prior to trading

b)     Select “SRS” mode for both buy and sell orders

c)      Payment mode selected must be in SGD. If you are buying / selling “SPDR GOLD SHARES” (traded in USD) or ETFs (traded in USD) , the settlement currency has to be SGD

If you have selected the settlement currency as USD by mistake, you must call your Trading Representative immediately to amend settlement currency to SGD.

No contra is allowed for SRS trade.

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List of SRS-approved stocks

For purchasing of SGX stocks using SRS funds, kindly check with your agent bank on the list of approved SRS stocks prior to order submission.

Note: You are not allowed to use SRS funds to purchase rights.  In the event you have  purchased rights in your SRS account, your SRS trades will be revoked to “Cash” settlement which will be subjected to the normal settlement rules of trade date + 2 market days.

Trade amendments

Contact your Trading Representative immediately on the trade date for any amendments to SRS once your order is fulfilled.


Kindly note that any sell trade amendment request* made on trade date + 1 market day (before 8am) will be subjected to the SRS agent bank's approval and their processing fees:

Agent bank Processing fees (inclusive of GST)
DBS S$26.75 per contract
UOB S$32.10 per contract
OCBC S$32.10 per contract


The SRS agent banks reserve their rights to reject any SRS amendment request. Trades will be settled via cash settlement for unsuccessful requests and subjected to the normal settlement rules of trade date + 2 market days.

No amendments for SRS trade are allowed after trade date.

Rights entitlement

You can use your SRS funds for rights subscription provided that you have sufficient SRS funds and have not reached your SRS contribution cap if you are going to top up your SRS account. Kindly contact your SRS agent bank directly for more information.

If you are entitled to rights in your SRS Account and wish to sell off the rights entitlement, please take note to:

a)     Provide us with your SRS Account number

b)     Select “SRS” mode for your sell order

Insufficient funds

Kindly ensure that there are sufficient funds in your SRS account for your purchases. In the event you have insufficient funds in your SRS account, your SRS trades will be revoked to “cash” settlement and subject to the normal settlement rules of trade date + 2 market days.

SRS portfolio in iOCBC

iOCBC Portfolio is only an indicative representation of your SRS portfolio. It is not advisable to sell your shares based on the quantity reflected in the iOCBC portfolio page. Please verify against your SRS statements for your actual holdings prior to sales.