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The Trading Hacks series
Our YIP seminars are specially curated with a balanced range of basic and intermediate topics to
help young investors develop their skills to become savvy traders.

 Important Notes for Seminars

Important Notes for Seminars

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The Trading Hacks series

Our Trading Hacks seminars are reserved for YIP members. To find out more about the YIP programme and how you can be a member, click here.

Here are some examples of the topics that our YIP members can enjoy:

 Title  Overview Status 
Practical Technical Analysis for Short-Term Trading
31 May 2019
  • Identify the four phases of the market
  • Understand emotional trading, and how to avoid it
  • Know when to follow the herd, and when to leave it
  • Use a simple methodology to enter and exit the market with precision
  • Combine direction, levels, price action and multiple time frame to gain the ultimate edge
The Search for Growth Stock
17 June 2019
  • Understand the characteristics of growth stocks - which are stocks that growth investors believe have the potential to grow quicker than usual and thus lead to capital gains
  • Find out more about the fundamental analysis process:
    Business or industry analysis > Financial statement analysis > Pricing analysis
    > Risk analysis

  • Develop a systematic process to identify stocks that may have the potential to become growth stocks
  • Acquire basic skills in reading financial statements of growth stocks and reviewing financial indicators to assess their credit risk

Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting
25 July 2019
  • Understand the function of Technical Analysis and the essential tools required for chart analysis
  • Be able to identify different phases of the market and apply the relevant technical tools to analyse markets effectively
  • Learn to forecast market indices and individual stocks using Technical Analysis

The Search for Value Stocks


Build Better Portfolios with ETFs

29 August 2019
The Search for Value Stocks
  • Search for stocks using the value investing screening criteria with the help of online resources
  • Confirm the existence of value in your selected stocks through sound financial analysis
  • Perform a five-point final evaluation to confirm your analysis
  • Review your stock choices based on the principles of Capital at Risk and Timing Risk and how to reduce such risks

Build Better Portfolios with ETFs
  • How ETFs work and why they are not all equally attractive
  • How to quantify the potential risks and rewards
Understanding Breakout Chart Patterns
  • How to define breakouts
  • How to assess whether breakout is likely to succeed or fail
  • How to exit with a predefined stop loss if the market does perform as expected
*Topics are subject to changes

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