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Important Notes for Seminars

Important Notes for Seminars

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Global equities went on a major rollercoaster ride last year, from heady highs earlier in the year to panicky lows in the last quarter. While there were the usual pockets of tensions arising from geopolitical and political conflicts, trade tensions and tariffs between the US and China hogged the limelight and escalated in the second half of the year. Selling was widespread across markets, assets and almost all sectors. US equities bucked the downtrend for most of the year, while Asian markets sold off earlier.


With the price correction in 2018, current valuations have become attractive. But how should we navigate this volatile market?


Join Carmen Lee, OCBC Investment Research (OIR)’s Head of Research, as she shares her insights and takes you through the team’s top picks.

    Hear from sector specialists

    Have a sector you want to hear about? Fret not, Carmen and her team will take you through OIR’s 2019 Market Overview, followed by quick updates on the various sectors they cover.

    • Market Overview: Carmen Lee
    • Singapore Banks: Carmen Lee
    • Singapore Industrials: Low Pei Han
    • Singapore Property, REITs: Andy Wong
    • Singapore Hospitality: Deborah Ong
    • Singapore Consumer: Deborah Ong
    • Singapore Telcos: Joseph Ng
    • China Property: Joseph Ng

    Have burning questions? Do not miss out on a chance to ask questions after the presentation!

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        24 Jan 2018

        7.00pm - 8.30pm

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