Hot Picks to Counter the
New Property Cooling Measures

Worried about your portfolio because of the new property cooling measures?

Fret not, OIR is here to help make sense of the market.

Important Notes for Seminars

Important Notes for Seminars

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

New cooling measures: What just happened to the property market?

The recent property cooling measures caught investors, analysts and developers off-guard. Following the announcement, our property specialist, Andy Wong, immediately downgraded the residential sector to Neutral, citing the sharp dampening effect on en-bloc transactions as well as current macro uncertainties.

Were you also surprised by the recent housing curbs? Unsure what steps you should take? Get some insights from Carmen Lee, Head of OIR, and her team into the following topics: 

  • Hot picks: What to buy following correction?
  • Important switch ideas
  • What happened to stocks of interest following the last round of Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) announcements?
  • Key differences between Then and Now

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      26 July 2018

      7.00pm - 8.30pm

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