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Important Notes for Seminars

Important Notes for Seminars

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Are talks of overvalued stocks putting you on a search for alternatives to securities trading? Why not try Leveraged FX?


With greater volatility and opportunities available in the dynamic Leverage FX market, it is a great option for active traders who prefer short-term trading. If you are daunted by the unfamiliar grounds of Leveraged FX – fear not. Our FX experts will guide you on the basics.


Get a glimpse into the world of Leveraged FX through the eyes of our FX veteran, Kelvin Wong, as he shares anecdotes from his 15 years of experience in the FX market.

Learn the fundamentals required to get started on Leveraged FX trading, including basic risk management and trading plans. You will also have the opportunity to view live demonstrations on how to execute trades on the iOCBCfx platform as well as apply technical analysis techniques with the platform's comprehensive in-built technical tools. 

    This seminar is suitable for traders who are new to Leveraged FX but are familiar with trading in stocks and securities.

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      23 January 2018

      7.00pm - 9.00pm

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      OCBC Securities Investors Hub
      Level 1, Seminar Room
      18 Church Street, OCBC Centre South

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