Young Investor Programme Account

Gain an edge in trading
as a novice investor


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  • Age between 18 and 29
  • YIP members age 18 - 20 can only open a Cash YIP account and trade non-SIP products (initial deposit of S$1,000 is required to commence trading)

  • YIP members age 21 - 29 can open a Cash, Share Financing / Borrowing or ES Account and trade all products, subject to SIP requirements

How to apply

How it works

The Young Investor Programme (YIP) is a 2-year programme designed to guide young people, aged 18 to 29, in their investments through financial literacy. This is carried out through the organisation of specially tailored workshops, events and seminars as well as personal guidance from our designated team of trading representatives.

After 2 years, they will be notified of their graduation from the programme and their accounts will be converted into Basic Trading (Cash) Accounts where they can get to enjoy higher trading limits.

• For Clients who are between 18 to 20 years old when they open their YIP account, the 2 year countdown will only start in the year when they turn 21

Age at Account Opening

Conversion into Basic Trading (Cash) Account

18 to 20

In the year when they turn 23

21 to 29

In the 3rd year

Commission rates & charges

Commission rates vary depending on the different markets and trading channels used to execute the orders.

View commission rates

Tradable products & trading channels

Tradable products

Company shares

Single unit of ownership in a corporation or organisation.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Index funds with access to a diversified portfolio of securities.

American depositary receipts (ADRs)

Trade underlying securities of non-US companies trading in US markets.


Buy the underlying stock of the issuing company at a fixed exercise price.

Listed real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Portfolio of property assets, through the purchase of a publicly-traded investment product.

Trading channels

iOCBC Online Trading

Trade conveniently via our online trading platform.

iOCBC TradeMobile

Manage your investments on-the-go.

Main benefits

In-depth seminars to further guide you on your investment journey.

  • We have teamed up with SGX to develop a series of Beginner-level and Intermediate-level seminars. Click here to find out more.    
  • In addition, YIP clients will be recommended other suitable OSPL-organised events and seminars.  

Regular communications to serve you tidbits of information

These communications will provide you with a mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge about investment - i.e. different investment products, the different markets' information for trading (such as trading hours), etc.

A dedicated team of designated Trading Representatives (TR) to assist you.

Our dedicated TR team is here to help you in your investment journey.

2 ways to apply

By mail

Please mail in copies of the necessary documents and forms:

for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs


(with 6 months validity) for foreigners


Download and complete the appropriate forms:

Optional Forms

Supporting Documents

Include any one of the following documents (original and no older than 3 months from date of application) :

  • Phone bill
  • Bank statement
  • Income tax statement
  • CPF statement
  • CDP statement
Mailing address

OCBC Securities Private Limited
18 Church Street #01-00
OCBC Centre South
Singapore 049479

Please note:

All forms and supporting documents are required to be certified by one of the following:

  • Authorised OCBC Securities officer or;
  • OCBC Bank officer (the authorised bank officer must affix the Bank’s stamp and indicate his name and employee ID on the document) or;
  • Notary Public, Advocates & Solicitors, Singapore Embassy or Justice of Peace. For a list of our approved Solicitors, please contact our customer service officers. The witnessing officer should provide name, contact number and website address.

At OCBC Securities Investors Hub


for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs


(with 6 months validity) for foreigners

Find us at:

OCBC Securities Private Limited
18 Church Street
#01-00 OCBC Centre South
Singapore 049479

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