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  • Gain the advantage on the dynamic forex market through iOCBCfx,
    an institutionally and professionally proven trading engine
  • Trade more than 30 currency pairs and spot gold on iOCBCfx. View full list of pairs

    Contract size: 10,000 units onwards

    Leverage: up to 33* times for selected currency pairs, based on initial margin of 3%

    Commission charges: 1 pip per 10,000 per side

    Minimum initial deposit required: S$1000 

    *Margin requirements are reviewed from time to time.


Competitive spreads and aggressive pricing

iOCBCfx offers very competitive spreads, from 1 pip onwards for major currency pairs under current market conditions. Fractional-pip pricing is used for all the currency pairs on iOCBCfx to give you an even tighter spread.

High leverage

We offer maximum leverage levels of up to 33 times, based on an initial margin of 3% (on base currency).

Easy-to-use platform

iOCBCfx supports all your needs at one glance. Execute your trades directly from price panel and manage your trades easily by accessing your real-time account information.

Comprehensive technical tools

Capture greater market opportunities; explore the volatile and exciting world of currency by analysing up to 3 years of price data with 77 technical analysis tools and 30 line studies.

Live market news update and analysis

With real-time news reports on iOCBCfx aiding you in making trading decisions, you can stay informed of events that affect the forex market place.

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