Trade China 'A' Shares with OCBC Securities

Available from 17 November 2014


Information on trading China 'A' Shares

    Trading hours

    SSE Trading Session

    SSE Trading Hours

    Time allowed for input of SSE orders

    Opening Call Auction

    9:15am – 9:25am

    9:10am – 11:30am

    Continuous Auction (Morning)

    9:30am -  11:30am

    Continuous Auction (Afternoon)

    1:00pm – 3:00pm

    12:55pm – 3:00pm

    Trading Holidays

    Customers will only be allowed to trade on days when both HKEx and SSE are open for business and banking services of both markets are open on the corresponding cash settlement days.

    Trading Information

    Trading Currency


    Trading Lot

    100 units (applicable for buy and sell orders) 

    Odd Lot

    Applicable for sell orders only

    Minimum Bid Size

    RMB 0.01 

    Order Type

    Limit Order only

    Settlement Currency

    Investors are allowed to settle their trades in RMB if they have a RMB account. Customers can only settle their trades using other currencies as long as those currencies are not controlled currencies

    Order Placement

    Via your designated Trading Representative

    Sale of Shares

    You are not allowed to buy shares and subsequently sell them on the same trading day.

    Shares bought on T day can only be sold on T+1 onwards

    Short selling is strictly prohibited

    Commission rates and charges:

    Commission rate


    Broker Assisted


    Minimum Commission

    RMB 200


    Commission Rate



    Commission is subjected to prevailing Singapore GST (if applicable).

    Foreign fees payable



    Charged by

    Handling Fee

    0.00696% of the consideration of a transaction per side


    Securities Management Fee

    0.002% of the consideration of a transaction per side


    Transfer Fee

    0.06% on face value per side


    Stamp Duty

    0.1% of the consideration of a transaction on the seller


    The list of commissions and charges set out above are non-exhaustive, and OSPL reserves the right to impose fees, commissions and other charges for any other services, products and/or tools offered by OSPL at such rates and in such manner as OSPL may determine from time to time. Our Standard Trading Terms and Conditions apply.

    Please contact OCBC Securities at 1800 338 8688 or to obtain the prevailing rate of fees, commissions and other charges payable for your transaction.

    Information is correct at the time of posting on 14 Nov 2014.

    Source: Hong Kong Exchange

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