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SGX Implementation of Requirements on Marking of Short Sell Orders

From 12 March 2013, to enhance the transparency of market activities, SGX will publish daily reports on the total value and volume of short sales for each counter. Accordingly, from 11 March 2013, SGX will require that all sell orders on their securities markets be marked.

This means that you must indicate – based on what you know about your position – whether your sell order is a short sell or normal sell order. The sell order will not be accepted if you do not indicate this to your broker or on the iOCBC trading platform. If you realise that you incorrectly indicated a sell order and it has been executed, you must – before 2pm on the next working day – ask your broker to correct the order.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the sell order is accurately indicated. Under Section 330(1) of the Securities and Futures Act, it is an offence to deliberately make an incorrect indication as this may be construed as an attempt to manipulate the market or as intentional false reporting to SGX.

Please visit for more information, including how to indicate sell orders and modify wrongly indicated orders.

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Board lot or number of shares

Most stocks are quoted in ‘board lots’. However, stocks quoted on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and all the mining and oil stocks in Philippines Stock Exchange are quoted in ‘number of shares’, for example, Dizon Copper, Vulcan Inds etc.  

Please call us at 1800 338 8688 or (65) 6338 8688 if you need any further clarification.

Board Lot
A standard trading amount that has been agreed upon by stock exchanges.

SGX to introduce reduced board lot size from 19 January 2015 onwards

Singapore Exchange (SGX) will reduce the standard board lot size of securities listed on SGX from 1,000 to 100 units from 19 January 2015. A smaller board lot size will make it more affordable for retail investors to invest in a wider range of equities, including blue chips, and enable them to build more balanced and diversified portfolios.

Illustration: Buy 1000 OCBC shares

Before 19 Jan 2015 From 19 Jan 2015
Board lot size: 1000 Board lot size: 100
Fully filled for quantity 1000

 May be partially filled and subjected to prevailing commission charges


For more information visit the SGX website.

To check for the board lot size

You may view the board lot size of each stock in the iOCBC order ticket as below:


Trading in SGX Unit Share Market

The Unit Share Market, also known as the Odd Lot Market, allows clients to trade in quantities less than the standard Board Lot. The minimum trade quantity is 1 share.

To trade on the SGX Unit Share Market, you will need to go to the “Market Information” page, and select “SGX Unit Market”.

For example, if you wish to trade 180 units of Company ABC shares, you will have to enter the orders as follows:

Step 1: Enter 100 units in the Board Lot market with designated board lot of 100 units
Step 2: Enter 80 units in the SGX Unit Share Market
(The orders will be subject to the trading conditions in the respective markets)

Note :
In Unit Share market, the minimum fulfillment can be only 1 share and the usual online commission of S$25 or 0.275% of trade value (whichever is higher), shall apply. As such, you must bear in mind this possible situation when queuing in the Unit Share market. To avoid such situation, you may wish to buy or sell directly based on the best available price.

To check for the board lot size
You may view the board lot size of each stock in the iOCBC order ticket as below. You may enter any quantity that is lesser than the designated board lot size. For example, with a board lot size 10 units, you can enter 9 or less units under SGX Unit Share Market.

Price quotation and trading information

Securities quoted and traded on SGX are, by default, in Singapore dollars. For securities that are quoted and traded in other currencies, the currency type will appear at the end of the security name. For examples:

Security Name

Traded Currency

Board Lot


Allowed Settlement Currency


(Code: P7VU)





(Code: NS8U)




HongkongLand USD

(Code: H78)




Shangri-La HKD

(Code: S07)





(Code: C76)





(Code: Z74)




Singtel 10

(Code: Z77)




The list provided is for illustration purpose and may not be exhaustive.  You are advised to refer to SGX website for more information.

You may also view the security information under the Buy/Sell ticket. Kindly refer to the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Select your desired stock
Step 2 : Check on the Board Lot Size and enter number of units in multiple of board lot size (e.g. 100, 300, 500, 1400, 2200)|
Step 3: Check on the “Traded Currency” and “Price” information (i.e. make cross reference to the Last Done Price/Buy or Sell Price as different securities are traded differently in terms of currencies and bid size)
Step 4: You can opt to settle your trades in the same traded currency or SGD
Step 5: Ensure that you have entered the correct information on the buy/sell ticket before you submit your order to the Exchange

Amend / withdraw orders

You can amend / withdraw your order provided that the order is not filled. If the order is partially filled, you can only make amendment / withdrawal on those unfilled quantity.

For non-SGX orders, amendment is only for reduction of the quantity and you cannot amend the other parameters like price and payment mode.

For SGX orders, with the introduction of SGX Reach Advanced Orders, you can now amend your SGX order by increasing or decreasing the price and/or quantity. This may result in a possible change in the priority of your order:

SGX Order Amendment Action

Order Priority

Decrease in Order Quantity

Priority of the order will be maintained

Increase in Order Quantity

Priority of the order will be lost

Increase/Decrease in Order Price

Priority of the order will be lost

Your modified order price will subject to a bid range validation check by the SGX.

These features are made available to all clients.

To check the latest status of your order, please click on the “Refresh” button.

If your amendment request is successful, your order status will be updated to “AC” (i.e. reduced order accepted)

If your withdrawal request is successful, your order status will be updated to "C” (i.e. cancelled order accepted). 

You are required to check under “Qty” & “Qty Done” column to ensure that you have executed the correct quantity.

Check order status

You can check the status of the order under the “Status” column in the “Order of the Day” panel. To check your previous days’ orders, kindly click on “Order History”.

Your submitted orders will be shown along with any of the following status:

Status Description Status Description
Q Order accepted in queue PA Reduced order pending to be processed by the Exchange
PO Pending to enter queue AC Reduced order accepted
F Filled order PC Cancelled order for unfilled quantity pending to be processed by Exchange
PF Partially-filled quantity C Cancelled order for unfilled quantity accepted
R Order rejected and void U Unknown status
E Expired order PE Partially expired order with partial-filled quantity
    S Suspended / rejected - unfilled quantity is void

Order confirmation alert

You can choose to receive trade confirmation via mobile phone or email. Simply select "Account Mgmt" menu and next select ‘Alert Setting’.

Do note that the alerts are provided on an “as is, as available” basis and that no warranty is provided as to the availability or timeliness of such alerts. You are requested to check the status of your orders via iOCBC each time you submit your orders.

In addition, CDP will send you a contract note via mail (address as registered with CDP) on the next market day.

Unfulfilled orders

Orders that are not fulfilled will expire automatically at end of the day. If you wish to place the same trade order for the next market day, you are required to resubmit accordingly.

Selecting active trading account number

If you have more than one online trading account, our system will display your lowest numbered trading account number as the default trading account.

Kindly use the “trading account number” drop-down menu on the buy / sell order ticket to trade via your preferred trading account.

Please ensure that you have selected the correct trading account on the buy / sell ticket before proceeding with your order submission.

To change your default trading account on iOCBC:

  1. Click on the “Account Mgmt” tab
  2. Click on the “Personalise” tab
  3. Use the option “Set my default trading account to” and select your default account.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button to set the changes.

Common mistakes / errors during order submission

Selecting wrong trading account number

Please ensure that you have selected the correct trading account on the buy / sell ticket before proceeding with your order submission.

You can double-check the details at the order book again. If you have made a mistake in selecting the wrong trading account number, please withdraw and resubmit your order again immediately.

In the event that the order is fulfilled and cannot be withdrawn, please contact your Trading Representative immediately on Trade Date for further assistance.


Selecting wrong shares / quantity of shares

If you have sold the wrong shares or wrong quantity, kindly perform a buyback on your own immediately on the same trading day.

SGX will regard the sale transaction as a “short-sell” and will conduct a buying-in at 3.30pm on Trade Date + 2 market day if: 

  • you are unable to cover back the short position on the same trading day; or
  • you only realised your mistake on the next market day and do not have existing shares in the free balance of your CDP account at 1.30pm on due date for delivery


Realising mistake on trade date + 1

We advise you to exercise prudence in your online order submission. You will not be able to perform a buy back on your own on the subsequent day to cover this short-sold position as the due date of the purchase contract will be after that of the short-sold position.
In the event that you do not have existing shares in the free balance of your CDP account on due date for delivery, SGX will regard the sale transaction as a “short-sell” and will conduct a buying-in at 3.30pm on Trade Date + 2 market days.


Entering incorrect price for SGX market

If you entered incorrectly the following prices:

a) Price (buyer) is greater than seller price

b) Price (seller) is lesser than buyer price

If you have entered a higher “buy” price than the “seller” price, your order will be matched accordingly at the seller's price, vice versa.

We advise you to take note of this and carefully check your online order submission in light of these changes.

iOCBC current portfolio

It is not advisable to sell shares based on the quantity reflected in your iOCBC current portfolio as the iOCBC current portfolio only captures transactions via OCBC Securities Pte Ltd and is only an indicative representation of your portfolio.

Please note that the following actions will not be updated on the iOCBC Current Portfolio:

  • Allotment of Initial Public Offering (IPO) shares;
  • Shares purchased / sold via other securities firms
  • Shares transferred inwards or outwards
  • Any corporate actions such as Shares Consolidation, Shares Split, Rights Issue and Bonus Issue
  • Full or partial CPF revoked trades

Verify your actual holdings against your CDP / CPF Investment / SRS / Share Financing / Custodian statements. Any positions which are oversold will be constituted as “short selling” and will be subject to buying-in by SGX.

To avoid selling the wrong quantity due to corporate actions, we strongly encourage you to read the company announcements at SGX, Bursa Malaysia or other exchanges’ websites before you submit your order online.