Market Information - Singapore

Information for trading on the Singapore Exchange

Trading hours

Pre-Open    : 8.30am 8.58-8.59*am

Non-Cancel  : 8.58-8.59*am 9.00am

Open          : 9.00am 5.00pm

Pre-Close    : 5.00pm 5.04-5.05pm**

Non-Cancel  : 5.04-5.05pm** 5.06pm

Close          : 5.06pm

* Pre-Open Phase ends randomly at any time from 8.58 - 8.59am and Non-Cancel Phase will begin immediately after Pre-Open Phase ends.
** Pre-Open Phase ends randomly at any time from 8.58 - 8.59am and Non-Cancel Phase will begin immediately after Pre-Open Phase ends.

Continuous all-day trading – there will be no market break from 12.30pm – 2pm

* Random pre-open and pre-close applies, visit SGX Website for more details.
^ SGX to introduce reduced board lot size from 19 January 2015 onwards

Singapore time

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Price quotes




Trading Lot


Settlement period

T+3 market days

Order Placement

Via iOCBC or your designated Trading Representative

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Commission rate and charges

Indicative Equilibrium Price (IEP)

The indicative equilibrium price (“IEP”) is the price at which orders would be executed if auction matching were to occur at that point. SGX publishes the IEP on a real-time basis and masks all better bid and ask prices as well as quantities. The publication of the IEP is intended to provide more market transparency. The IEP acts as an indication of the eventual opening or closing price, which helps market participants assess the market and adjust their orders accordingly. The masking of all better bid/ask prices and quantities is included as a safeguard against manipulation of the eventual equilibrium price. 

Refer to SGX website for more details.

Source : SGX

Trading in SGX Unit Share Market

The Unit Share Market, also known as the Odd Lot Market, allows clients to trade in quantities less than the standard Board Lot. The minimum trade quantity is 1 share.

To trade on the SGX Unit Share Market, you will need to go to the “Market Information” page, and select “SGX Unit Market”.

For example, if you wish to trade 180 units of Company ABC shares, you will have to enter the orders as follows:

Step 1: Enter 100 units in the Board Lot market with designated board lot of 100 units
Step 2: Enter 80 units in the SGX Unit Share Market
(The orders will be subject to the trading conditions in the respective markets)

Note :
In Unit Share market, the minimum fulfillment can be only 1 share and the usual online commission of S$25 or 0.275% of trade value (whichever is higher), shall apply. As such, you must bear in mind this possible situation when queuing in the Unit Share market. To avoid such situation, you may wish to buy or sell directly based on the best available price.

To check for the board lot size
You may view the board lot size of each stock in the iOCBC order ticket as below. You may enter any quantity that is lesser than the designated board lot size. For example, with a board lot size 10 units, you can enter 9 or less units under SGX Unit Share Market.

Minimum bid size

Minimum bid size for all securities traded on SGX-ST market with the exception of ETFs, debentures, loan stocks and bonds

For example, if ABC shares were last traded at S$3.260, the price allowed to enter will be calculated to be +/- 20 bids from S$3.260. In this case, the bids range will be $3.060 and S$3.460.

Minimum bid size for securities traded on the SGX in SGD

Price range (SGD/USD) Minimum bid size (SGD/USD) Bids range
Below 0.20 0.001 +/- 20 bids from last done price
0.20 – 0.995 0.005
1.00 – 1.99 0.005
2.00 – 9.99 0.01
10 and above 0.01


Minimum bid size for securities traded on the SGX in HKD

Price range (HKD) Minimum bid size (HKD) Bids range
Below $0.25 0.001 +/- 10 bids from last done price
$0.250 to $0.495 0.005
$0.500 to $9.990 0.01
$10.00 to $19.98 0.02
$20.00 to $99.95 0.05
$100.00 to $199.90 0.1
$200.00 to $499.80 0.2
$500.00 & above 0.5


Minimum bid size for securities traded on the SGX in JPY

Price range (JPY) Minimum bid size (JPY) Bids range
Below $2,000 1 +/- 10 bids from last done price
$2,000 to $2,995 5
$3,000 to $29,990 10
$30,000 to $49,950 50
$50,000 to $99,900 100
$100,000 & above 1,000


Minimum bid size for ETFs, debentures, loan stocks and bonds

Product Price range Minimum bid size Bids range
ETF and debentures All 0.01 or 0.001 as determined by SGX-ST +/- 30 bids from last done price
Bonds and loan stocks All 0.001

For example, if ABC shares were last traded at S$3.260, the price allowed to enter will be calculated to be +/- 20 bids from S$3.260. In this case, the bids range will be $3.060 and S$3.460.

- 20 bids (buy) Last done price + 20 bids (sell)
S$3.250 S$3.260 S$3.270
S$3.240 S$3.280
S$3.230 S$3.290
S$3.220 S$3.300
S$3.210 S$3.310
S$3.200 S$3.320
S$3.190 S$3.330
S$3.180 S$3.340
S$3.170 S$3.350
S$3.160 S$3.360
S$3.150 S$3.370
S$3.140 S$3.380



  • Buy bids are limited up to the specified bids below the last done price
  • Sell bids are limited up to specified bids above the last done price
  • Price entered that is more than the specified bids from the last done price will be rejected unless you select the ‘force order’ option
  • Force key is granted to client at the sole discretion by the Company and trading representative
  • You will bear the risk of keying in undesirable price by mistake
  • For more details on minimum bid size, click here 

2016 trading holidays

Month Date Day Remarks
January 1 January Friday New Year's Day


8 February
9 February
Chinese New Year 
March 25 March Friday Good Friday
May 1 May
2 May
Labour Day
July 6 July Wednesday Hari Raya Puasa
 August 9 August Tuesday National Day
September 12 September Monday Hari Raya Haji


29 October Saturday Deepavali
December 25 December
26 December
Christmas Day

** Subject to change. Tentatively, Deepavali will fall on 10 November 2015. As with previous years, the Deepavali date on 10 November 2015 may be subject to change and will be reconfirmed when the Hindu Almanac is available in the first half of 2015. Should there be a change in the date, the Ministry of Manpower will issue a media release to announce the change accordingly.

Trading abbreviations

The following trading abbreviations will appear in the “Remarks” column on iOCBC trading platform.To find out more information on the corporate action or trading status on the listed companies, kindly refer to the official websites of the respective Exchanges.



Corporate Action Description


Cum Dividend 2


Cum Rights 2


Cum Bonus 2


Cum Offer 2


Cum Interest 2


Cum Entitlement 2


Cum All


Cum Bonus


Cum Dividend


Cum Entitlement


Cum Interest


Cum Offer


Cum Rights


Conditional Trading


Conditional When Issued


When Issued


Ex All


Ex Bonus


Ex Dividend


Ex Entitlement


Ex Interest


Ex Offer


Ex Rights



Trading Status


Security suspended from trading


Delisted trades


Trading Halt


Halt due to Circuit Breaker Triggered


Circuit Breaker


Pending listing


Buying in only




Mandatory Call Event








Important Notes

Trading in securities can be very risky, and you may lose all or more than the amount invested or deposited. You should therefore consider carefully and exercise caution in making any trading decision whether or not you have received advice from any financial adviser. The information provided herein is intended for general circulation/discussion purposes only and may not be published or circulated (in whole/in part) without our written consent. It does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs (collectively "Objectives") of any particular person. Please seek advice from an independent financial adviser regarding the suitability of any trade or investment product taking into account your Objectives before making a commitment to trade or purchase the investment product. If you choose not to seek independent financial advice, please consider whether the trade or product in question is suitable for you. This does not constitute an offer/solicitation to buy/sell/subscribe for any investment products or to participate in any particular trading or investment strategy. Any proposed transaction is subject to the final expression of the terms in the definitive agreement/confirmation. No representation or warranty whatsoever (including without limitation any representation or warranty as to accuracy, usefulness, adequacy, timeliness or completeness) in respect of any information (including without limitation any statement, figures, opinion, view or estimate) provided herein is given by OCBC Securities Private Limited ("OSPL") and it should not be relied upon as such. OSPL does not undertake an obligation to update the information or to correct any inaccuracy that may become apparent at a later time. All information presented is subject to change without notice. OSPL shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising directly/indirectly howsoever in connection with or as a result of any person acting on any information provided herein.