Information for trading on the Shanghai-A

Trading hours
SSE Trading SessionSSE Trading HoursTime allowed for input of SSE orders
Opening Call Auction 9.15am - 9.25am 9.10am - 11.30am
Continuous Auction (Morning) 9.30am - 11.30am
Continuous Auction (Afternoon) 1.00pm - 3.00pm 12.55pm - 3.00pm



Settlement Period

T day for stock settlement
T+1 for money settlement

Trading Lot

100 units
(applicable for buy and sell orders)

Odd Lot (for sell order only)

Order Placement

Via iOCBC or your
designated Trading

Need help?

1800 338 8688

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Commission rates and charges

Minimum bid size

RMB 0.01

Trading holidays

Date Holidays
01 January 2018 New Year's Day
15 February 2018 Lunar New Year
16 February 2018 Lunar New Year
17 February 2018 Lunar New Year
18 February 2018 Lunar New Year
19 February 2018 Lunar New Year
20 February 2018 Lunar New Year
21 February 2018 Lunar New Year
29 March 2018 Day Before Good Friday
30 March 2018 Good Friday
02 April 2018 Easter Monday
05 April 2018 Ching Ming Festival
06 April 2018 Ching Ming Festival
30 April 2018 Labour Day Holiday
01 May 2018 Labour Day
21 May 2018 Day Before Buddha's Birthday
22 May 2018 Buddha's Birthday
18 June 2018 Tuen Ng Festival
29 June 2018 Hksar Establishment Day
02 July 2018 Sar Establishment Day
21 September 2018 Holiday
24 September 2018 Mid-autumn Festival
25 September 2018 Day After Mid-autumn Festival
01 October 2018 National Day
02 October 2018 National Day
03 October 2018 National Day
04 October 2018 National Day
05 October 2018 National Day
16 October 2018 Holiday
17 October 2018 Chung Yeung Festival
24 December 2018 Day Before Christmas
25 December 2018 Christmas Day
26 December 2018 Christmas Holiday

Additional information on trading

  1. You are not allowed to buy shares and subsequently sell them on the same trading day. Shares bought on T day can only be sold on T+1 onwards.
  2. Short selling is strictly prohibited.
  3. Buy orders must be in board lot of 100 units; odd lot trading is only available for sell orders.
  4. Only Limit Order is allowed.
  5. The maximum order size is 1 million units.
  6. The trading currency is in RMB. Investors are allowed to settle their trades in RMB if they have a RMB account. Customers can only settle their trades using other currencies as long as those currencies are not controlled currencies.
  7. Available for trading via, Android TradeMobile (version 2.01 and above) and iPhone TradeMobile (version 2.03 and above).

Trading Abbreviations

The following trading abbreviations will appear in the “Remarks” column on iOCBC trading platform. To find out more information on the corporate action or trading status on the listed companies, kindly refer to the official websites of the respective Exchanges.



Trading Status


Pre-open call auction session




Trading Halt